Rewa Harre
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REWA HARRE - Director of Photography

Rewa Harre has extensive experience in the New Zealand film and television industry.

His short film credits include "O Tamaiti", winner of Best Short Film at the Venice and Asian Film Festivals; "Planet Man", winner of Critics Prize at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival and the biopic "Bradman".

Television credits include the TVNZ (Television New Zealand’s) Sunday dramas "House of Sticks"; "Home Movies" and "The Call Up"; as well as the US series "Hercules"; "Understanding the Law" for eTV; "Mysterious Island", on which he worked with CHANNELLING baby’s Writer/Director, Christine Parker; "High Tide"; "Kahu and Maia" and the "Dining Out Series" a documentary for Inside New Zealand.

In the commercial arena his credits include "Koina Te Korero" for Tahi Communications; "Anti Smoke" and "Why Start" for Legal Resources Trust and "Post Haste" for Te Papapa Museum of Aotearoa.

In CHANNELLING baby, the drama unfolds over a period of two decades. Writer/Director Christine Parker was keen to "signify a subtle difference between the periods, without making it feel like two different films," she explains. "So we created threads of continuity between the two periods with the compositions and colours that we chose."

For the 1970’s period, Harre used a slight magenta filter. This gave the production a look similar to New Zealand photographs from that period. It also served to make the actors look younger. In the ‘90’s sequences they drew on the ‘70’s look, but deepened the colours to make it more moody and mysterious and design elements were used to connect the two periods.

"Rewa had a very clear and interesting take on what the film was about and what he could offer to it," says Parker. "I’d also seen a lot of his fabulous work on short films and although he’d only shot one feature before this, his work was beautiful."


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