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"I think it is very important to offer people a good story with lots of twists and turns. To offer surprises so that they’re not second-guessing the plot and the unexpected always happens," comments writer/director Christine Parker of her feature film CHANNELLING baby.

Danielle Cormack in a fantasy sequence from CHANNELING baby

After graduating from Waikato University with a BA in English Drama and Philosophy, she went to work in magazine publishing as a designer, then editor and manager. With a sideline in singing and playing keyboards, her first contact with the film industry arose when she assisted with music for a short film. "Film seemed an ideal way to express my love of language; design and music," she explains.

Her desire to move into the industry, lead to her discovering a niche in film continuity. The hands-on experience this brought, helped to prepare herself as a director and allowed her to support herself while making short films such as "One Man’s Meat"; "Peach" and "Hinekaro Goes On A Picnic And Blows Up Another Obelisk" which received acclaim internationally and at home.

Parker also directed several television productions "The Metusela Elisia Story", which she co-wrote with John Pule and two one-hour episodes of the "Mysterious Island" series based on the story by Jules Verne.

"Because this was my first feature, there were times when it felt really big", she says of CHANNELLING baby. "But essentially this is a small movie about big things. The people who inhabit the film are fairly ordinary although damaged as we all are. It’s a story about survivors – about people overcoming their circumstances."

Comments Producer Caterina De Nave: "One of the great strengths of Christine’s film is that ideas of enormous intellectual and complex detail are communicated in a simple, heart-wrenching and sometimes humourous way."

De Nave believes this will appeal both at home and abroad. "Audiences like and expect something a bit different, a bit unusual. They expect to be surprised."

Parker hopes that audience’s will "find the film funny and moving and that they’ll feel it’s about something important to them, about people’s need for each other."


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