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BRETT SCHWIETERS - Production Designer

For CHANNELLING baby, Brett Schwieter’s brief was to create a look that was of its time without being over-stylised. "We have two time periods - the ‘70’s and the ‘90’s - and we jump around between them, but we just go there, we don’t signal it or give big signposts," he explains.

Writer/Director Christine Parker wanted the look of the film to be "related to what it’s about. What we see in the film is to do with the characters. It’s their stories and their emotions rather than too much focus on creating the period," she explains.

With over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry, Schwieters was well-equipped to deliver. He has served as Production Designer on numerous feature films, including Ian Mune’s "The Whole of the Moon", winner of Best Film at the New Zealand Film & TV Awards; "Bonjour Timothy"; "The Last Island", shot in Jamaica and Amsterdam and the forty minute film "A Death in the Family", directed by Peter Wells and Stuart Main. Following CHANNELLING baby, Schwieters worked with director Ian Mune on "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?", the sequel to "Once Were Warrriors".

Schwieters also served as Art Director on Niki Caro’s "Memory & Desire", selected for Critics’ Week at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival; "Kingpin" and Alison Maclean’s highly acclaimed "Crush".

He designed many short films including Niki Caro’s "Sure to Rise" and "Old Bastards" and was also Designer for The Construction, an Amsterdam-based art department for commercial clients including Phillips and Heineken.

Television credits as Designer include the series "The Chosen"; "Market Forces"; "City Life"; "Dead Certs", directed by Ian Mune; "The Neighbourhood Network"; "The Summer the Queen Came", directed by Niki Caro; "Mother Tongue" and Art Director on "Typhon’s People"; "Universal Drive" and "Jewels Darl", directed by Peter Wells. Most recently Schwieters was resident designer on the TV1 series "Garage Sale".


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