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DENISE KUMMake-up Supervisor

"Denise has a wonderful artistic sensibility and is also very good with actors. At four in the morning she is careful and respectful with them but also makes sure they have a good time," says producer Caterina De Nave of Make-up Supervisor Denise Kum.

Kum was attracted to De Nave’s latest project, CHANNELLING baby by the prospect of combining her own visual style with the multi-layered approach she’d seen in Director Christine Parker’s previous work. "It was wonderful to be given the room to use make-up in a way that is really enmeshed in the story."

Her previous credits include the feature films "Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong" for Paramount in the US, Niki Caro’s "Memory and Desire", selected for Critics Week at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival and Scott Reynolds "Heaven" for Miramax Films.

Kum was also makeup supervisor on the short film "Possum" and make-up designer on "Double Happy"; "Fin Amour"; and "Dirty Dave". She designed the wardrobe for "Old Bastards", directed by Niki Caro and served as Production Designer on the USA/ NZ co-produced feature "Gravity and Grace".

For television Kum has worked extensively as both makeup artist and supervisor. Her credits include "Hercules"; the "Topp Twins" series; "Topp Twins - Election Night Comedy Clips" directed by Caterina De Nave; TVNZ dramas "Highwater"; "Coleface"; "Plain Tastes"; "Trifecta"; "Overnight"; the twenty-two episode "Mysterious Island"; The documentary, "TV3 Hero Parade" and "Blood - TVNZ Documentary, Work of Art Series".

As a prosthetics and special effects specialist Kum has worked on the short films "A Woman’s Heart"; "Twilight of The Gods"; "The imploding Self"; "Sure to Rise"; "Infectious"; "Headlong" and the television comedy "Punch Me In The Stomach".

She found the process of aging and youthing the principal characters in CHANNELLING baby a challenging but rewarding experience. "The emotional content of the film was actually really draining. You were not just touching objects you were touching people and you really got that energy".


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