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KIRSTY CAMERON - Wardrobe Designer

For Kirsty Cameron the attraction of CHANNELLING baby was the variety: "It has guns, it has dogs, it has sex, it has stunts, it has Greek singers on ships. It has everything!" she exclaims.

One of New Zealand’s premier wardrobe designers, Cameron is also an artist and filmmaker. She treats wardrobe as part of a bigger plan, working with both the actors and director to achieve the look.

"I think that 50% of my job is working with the actors, having their added creativity and making them feel comfortable in the clothes".

With CHANNELLING baby the reflection of New Zealand from the ‘70’s to the ‘90’s was both a challenge and an appeal for Cameron. "I feel quite an affinity for the ‘70’s because I grew up in them. That period feels very real to me. But it has been quite challenging trying to work out what the difference between the ‘70’s and the ‘90’s might be; to work with a different feeling for both those periods yet still trying to connect them."

Beginning her career as a Fashion Stylist, Cameron progressed into print advertising. She later served as Wardrobe Designer on numerous TV commercials including those for Ansett; Clear Communications; Doc Martins and Hertog Jan Beer in Holland. Her wardrobe designs were seen in music videos for artists such as Jan Hellreigal and Grace and Bic Runga.

Feature film credits include Niki Caro’s "Memory and Desire", selected for Critics Week at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. Cameron also designed the short films "Jumbo", "Possum" and "Planetman".

She has also served as Wardrobe Designer on television drama series such as "Song of Joy", "Every Woman’s Dream" and the US series "Amazon High". New Zealand audiences will be familiar with her work on the TVNZ one hour Sunday Theatre dramas "Coalface", "Overnight", "Trifecta" and "Plain Taste" and as Art Director on the television series "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives".

Cameron’s skills were highly prized during the making of CHANNELLING baby. "Kirsty did a fantastic job", comments Producer Caterina De Nave, "And She’s good fun too."


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