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Caterina De Nave describes CHANNELLING baby as "a simple mystery story, but told in a way that is very fresh. It is a nest of twists, turns, surprises, the unexpected as well as a few laughs."

"It is quite an intense and emotional story. It deals with the idea of fate. Fate plucking you up and tossing you into places that you’ve never been before. That is something that happens to all of us. We end up doing things and saying things and being things that we never expected."

One of New Zealand’s most prolific producers, De Nave originated South Pacific Pictures’ runaway TV success "Shortland Street" and both series of the award-winning comedy "The Topp Twins". Additional television credits include the award-winning series "Erebus: The Aftermath"; the internationally recognised science fiction series "The Boy From Andromeda" and the ground breaking family dramas "Steel Riders" and "Children of the Dog Star".

With director Christine Parker she has produced the short films "Hinekaro Goes On A Picnic And Blows Up Another Obelisk" and "Peach".

She was executive producer for the prestigious Television New Zealand (TVNZ) "Sunday Theatre" programme, as well as for forty-five hours of arts documentaries "Work of Art".

In addition to producing, De Nave has extensive experience as a director, including documentaries such as "The Italians" several episodes of "Shortland Street"; "Pioneer Woman"; "Country GP"; "Close to Home" and The Topp Twins Election coverage in 1996.

In 1988 De Nave was made Head of Entertainment at TVNZ (the first female to head a department within the organization), followed by Head of Development at South Pacific Pictures. She is also the Chair of the TV2 Laugh Festival, a major international event.

De Nave sees her role as serving the audience, offering them entertainment that both challenges and entertains. She believes CHANNELLING baby has succeeded in both areas: "We have taken a story that is different, odd and a little strange and made it in a way that is not rarefied but is emotional, compelling and funny. I find that immensely satisfying."


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