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"A very wise, very vulnerable, but independent woman," says Danielle Cormack of her character, Bunnie in Christine Parker’s CHANNELLING BABY.

These attributes made the role "an actor’s playground," she explains. "To be intensely happy and then intensely sad. Portraying the experience of being deeply in love and then losing that, losing all that is dear to you."

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Bunnie’s kaleidoscopic journey spans two decades as the search to uncover the mystery of her husband and baby’s disappearance spirals through time. This required Cormack to age accordingly. "It was certainly interesting," she says of the process, "but I imagine most people are comprised of fairly similar emotions. Some might be a little more experienced, but we all have the same basic things going on, they’re just at different levels and different times.

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And there are things that Bunnie goes through that I’ve experienced in my own life, so I certainly got a sense of what my character was feeling."

One of New Zealand’s leading actors, Cormack was well prepared for the role. She earned international acclaim in 1997 for her role as Liz in Harry Sinclair’s highly successful feature "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives", for which she received Best Actress at the 1997 New Zealand Film and Television Awards, while her recent performance in Anthony McCarten’s "Via Satellite" drew further praise. She also attracted the attention of overseas producers to be cast starring opposite Linus Roach ("Priest") in "Siam Sunset", an Australian feature film, directed by John Polson. Cormack is currently starring in Harry Sinclair’s as yet untitled feature.

Additional film credits include "The Last Tattoo" starring Kerry Fox and Rod Steiger; the telefeature "Amazon High" for Pacific Renaissance and the lead in two short films, "Snap" and "Game With No Rules", directed by Scott Reynolds.

Cormack was first discovered by New Zealand audiences in her role as Alison Raynor in the popular serial "Shortland Street". She also appeared in "Gloss"; "High Tide"; "Marlin Bay"; "The Call Up" and "Overnight" as well as roles in the top-rating US drama series "Xena: Warrior Princes" and "Hercules: The Legend Continues".

Cormack has also appeared on stage in "Spare Prick"; "Arcadia"; "Return Of The Summer Street Seven"; "The Learner’s Stand" and "East" which toured Auckland, Wellington and Zurich.

She committed to the feature CHANNELLING baby before even seeing a final draft script. She admits working with Writer/Director Christine Parker and having input into the formation of her character was a major attraction: "It was something I’d never experienced before, a character that develops so thoroughly throughout the film. Bunnie is a whole life now. I love her. She’s a great character to play and a great woman."

dangrass.jpg (59855 bytes) The film-makers had envisioned her in the role from the outset: "We were pretty sold on Danielle before we’d even auditioned her," recalls Producer Caterina De Nave.

Adds Parker: "I can’t imagine anyone else playing Bunnie and I really can’t say anything too fabulous about Danielle, she was just great; absolutely committed and professional. She also has that wonderful other element, a presence and a beauty in front of camera that’s so exciting. And a very New Zealand sexiness that’s so fresh and warm."

Making CHANNELLING baby was "magical, absolutely magical!" says Cormack. For Producer Caterina De Nave it is a quality that shines through in her performance. "To this day having seen the film 100 times I am still absolutely enamoured with what Danielle brings. She completely enthralls me. I think she’s fantastic."


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