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"We wanted to signify a difference between the decades, without making it feel like two different films," explains Parker. "So we created threads of continuity between the two periods with the shots and colours that we chose."

For the scenes during the 1970’s period, Director of Photography REWA HARRE used a slight magenta filter. This gave the production a look similar to New Zealand photographs from that period. It also served to make the actors look younger. In the ‘90’s sequences they drew on the ‘70’s look, but deepened the colours to make it more moody and mysterious.

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"Rewa had a very clear and interesting take on what the film was about and what he could offer to it," says Parker. The pair had previously worked together on the television series "Mysterious Island" on which Harre was Camera Operator: "I’d also seen a lot of his fabulous work on short films and although he’d only shot one feature before this, his work was beautiful."

She continues: "We drew from familiar genres and gave them a sharp twist. We give the audience a great big wink. At the same time, it’s quite intense. At its heart it’s a story about real emotions. There’s lots of ups and downs and the humour is juxtaposed with deeply sad moments, as in real life."

"Magical! Absolutely Magical!" says actor Danielle Cormack. "Christine has this incredible ability to connect with every single department on set. She gave the project over to everyone and said ‘I really care about this, I hope that you will too. Now, let’s go and make a movie!’"

"I was very, very lucky to get a brilliant cast and crew," concludes Parker. "The feeling on set, the dedication and commitment people put into it gave me strength and was a constant source of inspiration."


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