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Danielle "The initial concept for CHANNELLING baby was based on the idea that people have their own unique version of events," explains Writer/Director Christine Parker. "And that we need to agree on what the truth is to make it truth. The story is intended to allow people to make an emotional connection with that idea."

She took the story to Producer Caterina De Nave with whom she had collaborated on the short films "Peach" and "Hinekaro Goes On A Picnic And Blows Up Another Obelisk".

De Nave thought the project was quite different to anything she’d encountered before. "In addition to the mystery elements, it was very touching and also had a good deal of spiky humour," she says. "It was unusual and it was quirky. I’m very attracted to those things."

Parker and De Nave spent one and a half years developing the script, before approaching the New Zealand Film Commission, who were confident enough to fully fund the project.

CHANNELLING baby is Parker’s first feature. She conceived, wrote and directed the film. "That is a huge feat," says De Nave.

However, Parker found that having written the script, the direction evolved naturally: "You have to visualise the film in order to write the script," she explains. "Once you have the idea and know the characters and the shape of the story, you’re half way there.""

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